Why Pension Fund

Pension Fund benefitsStrong, smart and secure, Pension Fund is here for you in some of your greatest times of need. Spiritually and financially.

We serve retired clergy and their families by offering one of the most well-funded and serviced pension plans in existence.

StrongSTRONG  It is our objective and custom to maintain excess reserves for all Pension Fund programs. Pension Fund is fully funded, which means we have more assets than benefit obligations. This strong reserve position provides the cushion to weather market downturns.

SmartSMART  Pension Fund has prudently managed assets for more than 120 years and has responded to changing needs of our members. Most recently, in spring 2015, we introduced a Traditional IRA to supplement members' existing retirement and pension savings.

SecureSECURE  We measure our success by protecting and adding value for your retirement. In the history of Pension Fund, no participant has experienced a reduction in pension or pension credits, nor suffered any loss in value of his or her retirement account.

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