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Pension Fund provides retirement security for employees of Disciples of Christ Churches, Christian Churches, Churches of Christ and other Stone-Campbell heritage ministries, and related organizations. Pension Fund continues a tradition of service with trust, security and compassion in support of the church and its ministry worldwide.

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Latest News:

July 18, 2014
The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) "Treasurer's Handbook" has recently been updated to include the most current instructions for accessing financial forms, etc. You can view this on the Disciples Mission Fund website at this link:
July 14, 2014
Second quarter statements for all members (with the exception of CTS members) are being mailed today, July 14. Christian Theological Seminary (CTS) will receive both Q1 and Q2 statements together (mailed no later than Tuesday, July 15).

In the history of Pension Fund, no participant has experienced a reduction in pension or pension credits, nor suffered any loss in value of his or her retirement account.