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Guaranteed base interest rates...

Our defined contribution products offer a competitive base return rate that can’t be lower than what policy dictates (i.e., our Tax-Deferred Retirement Account base interest rate can’t be lower than 3% or greater than 6%). This reduces your downside risk and gives you peace of mind that your accounts will continue to grow, even in a tough market. While others may be losing value in their retirement accounts, you won’t.

...and additional interest earnings that can further grow retirement funds.

All products are eligible for “Good Experience Credits” or “Special Apportionments.” These are extra earnings awarded by Pension Fund’s board of directors when reserves are sufficient to cover current and future benefits, and can make a significant difference when saving for retirement.

“We’ve been asked, ‘Is this for real?’ Employees really appreciate the guaranteed returns and potential for Good Experience Credits as they prepare for retirement.”

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