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Why choose Pension Fund?


Our history pre-dates Social Security: Since 1929, Pension Fund's plan design and administration have weathered market downturns, and our Pension Plan remains among the top most highly funded plans.

Your money stays in your pocket, not ours: We’re a ministry with no hidden investment fees or administrative charges to manage your assets. In fact, when plan reserves exceed what is required to pay current and future benefits (and any potential market decline), Pension Fund's board of directors may declare additional earnings — meaning more money for you in retirement.

We worry about investments so you don't have to: Other retirement plans often force you to make an educated guess as to your investment options. With Pension Fund, enrollment is the only requirement for you to benefit from our expertise and knowledge in managing your financial assets.

Our conservative investment strategy is tried and true: We engage various professional investment managers and take a “long-term opportunistic” investment philosophy with our members’ funds. This disciplined investment strategy is based on policies that govern asset allocation, liquidity requirements, sector restrictions and risk tolerance. Investment performance is closely monitored to ensure investment returns meet expectations.

There aren't many organizations who can say that throughout their entire history, not a single member has experienced a loss in account value due to poor market performance.