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Serving those who serve.

For 125 years, we’ve served our members true to our values of integrity, security, and compassion. Pension Fund relies on a solid funding formula and experienced team of investment professionals to manage and grow your retirement income. We measure our success by protecting and adding value for your retirement.

More than just a retirement provider.

One of the things that makes Pension Fund different is our commitment to be there for our members and their families during their greatest time of need — not just in retirement, but in the event of a death or disability.

“It’s not about the money [for Pension Fund]. It’s about ministry and caring for each other.”

Rev. Linda Kemp, Retired pastor

Need convincing? Just ask our satisfied members and retirees.

Our members and retirees know we practice what we preach. Pension Fund retirees and pensioners are our biggest advocates. In fact, some of our members make more money in retirement than they did during their time working in ministry.