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Feeling stressed, sleepless, anxious or discouraged?

We're here to help.

One in two people will experience a mental health issue during their lifetime—and we want to be a resource for you during those difficult times.

Pension Fund is investing in your mental and emotional well-being by offering online support from Learn to Live at no cost to you.


About Learn to Live:

Based on over 10 years of clinical studies, Learn to Live offers online programs and clinical assessments based on the proven principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Their programs for Stress, Anxiety & Worry, Depression, Social Anxiety, Insomnia, and Substance Use offer effective tools to help you understand how your mind works and change your behavior patterns—to help you live your best life.

Learn to Live benefits:

  • Immediate 24/7 access to self-paced programs
  • Ability to start, stop and save your progress
  • No cost to you (or your family)
  • As effective as in-person therapy
  • Coaching available (phone, email, text)

Private & Confidential

Member information is completely confidential, HIPAA compliant and will never be shared with Pension Fund.

How do I access Learn to Live?

Visit the Learn to Live website and take a short assessment to get started. If prompted to enter a code, you will enter PFCC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Learn to Live

Learn to Live is for all active ministers (non-retired) and their household members (spouse and children) over the age of 13.

Are my conversations confidential?

Yes. Everything you share with Learn to Live will be kept confidential. Pension Fund will not have access to your information on the Learn to Live platform.

Is Learn to Live available in Spanish?

The service is currently available in English, but we understand the services will also be available in Spanish at the beginning of 2022.

Can I share this with my spouse?

Yes. Learn to Live is for you, your spouse and any household member over the age of 13.

Should I use my personal or work email?

We recommend using your personal email, like you do for our Member Portal, that way if you change employers and move to another church, you can still access Learn to Live.


Learn to Live Launch Flyer
Learn to Live Social Media Graphic

Learn To Live Social Media Graphic

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