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Imagine learning life-changing tools for handling money in a room filled with laughter and support…

  • Imagine feeling free from the weight that often comes with discussions about debt and budgeting
  • Imagine feeling hopeful about your financial future
  • Imagine connecting with other leaders who feel the same fears and worries about money and ministry
  • Imagine life-giving conversations with your spouse about how you both regard and use money…
  • …this is Personal Finance Academy


Excellence in Ministry program participants and their spouses (if applicable) are required to attend the annual Personal Finance Academy. The focus of this three-day event is to educate and inspire clergy households to be wise financial leaders.

August 5-7, 2021

Featured Presenter: Pete the Planner (Author, USA Today columnist and financial advisor)

At this event, participants will:

  • Design a functional and workable budget
  • Set specific financial goals with action steps
  • Figure a retirement income projection
  • Create a debt-reduction strategy
  • Get answers to clergy tax questions


Pension Fund is also providing several online courses on topics in Congregational Financial Leadership. These sessions are offered in partnership with Lexington Theological Seminary. Find more about this year’s sessions here.

For these sessions, pastors are expected to invite lay financial leaders from their church to join them for the courses. Together, pastors and lay leaders will participate in the courses and share dialogue around the financial issues facing their congregations. We ask that you gather at least two lay leaders to join the pastor for these sessions, though you are welcome to have as many people participate as your space and technology will accommodate.

To participate in these courses, all you need is a high-speed internet connection and a computer with speakers. For a small group, your participants can gather around a single computer screen. For larger groups, you will want a larger TV screen or projector, with speakers loud enough for people to hear the presenter.

After you register for the online courses, you will receive detailed instructions on how to log in and participate in the events.

Topics for these sessions can include:

  • Creating and sustaining income for congregations
  • Budgets and financial reporting for churches
  • Best practices for your congregation as an employer
  • Preaching and shepherding abundant giving