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Bridging the Unexpected

The mission of Pension Fund of the Christian Church is For the Support of Ministry. Our vision is every Stone-Campbell pastor and lay employee will enjoy a strong, smart, and secure retirement. To this end, Pension Fund administers the Ministerial Relief and Assistance program on behalf of the church, partnering with Regional Ministers, as well as General and Racial/Ethnic Ministries, to meet the evolving needs of new and active clergy and their families, seeking to sustain them in ministry.

MRA Purpose Statement

To meet the evolving needs of new and active clergy and their family, seeking to sustain them in ministry. MRA bridges the gap with support programs in time of need. Ministerial Relief – a Bridge for Financial Wellness.

Three Pillars of Support

Pension Fund has organized Ministerial Relief and Assistance programs into three areas of support that focus on helping those in ministry from seminary all the way through retirement.

Learn more by expanding each section below to find a brief program description or download the program overview below. For applications for Ministerial Relief and Assistance, click the link in the left hand menu.

Download our Ministerial Relief & Assistance Program Overview

Active Clergy Programs

Emergency Aid

The purpose of the Emergency Aid Program is to assist ministers with large, unexpected financial obligations. Note: Pension Fund policies now establish a lifetime limit of $10,000 in emergency aid. Any requests exceeding this limit must be made to Pension Fund’s Board of Directors.

Excellence in Ministry

Excellence in Ministry provides early-call pastors with financial education and a relief grant that can be used for student debt, emergency savings, or retirement.

Student Gift Membership

The purpose of the Student Gift Membership Program is to encourage early participation in the Pension Plan and to provide benefits to the student and family in the event of disability or untimely death.

Vocational Counseling

The Vocational Counseling Program helps Disciples ministers who are transitioning from full-time to part-time ministry, helping them discern complementary vocations that may add new streams of household income. The goal of the program is to mitigate burnout and help them stay in ministry longer.

Low-Interest Loan Program

The Low-Interest Loan Program is to provide financial stability to Disciples ministers by helping them accelerate payoff of high-interest debts, such as credit cards and payday loans. It is only available to those who have successfully completed the Excellence in Ministry program.

Congregational Partnership Grants

Parental Leave Assistance

The Parental Leave Assistance Program partners with congregations to assist ministers as they take paid time off from congregational employment for the birth or adoption of a child.

Disaster Relief

In partnership with Week of Compassion, the Disaster Relief Grant Program provides immediate relief to Disciples ministers whose homes and/or churches have experienced loss due to disaster, regardless of Pension Plan membership status. NOTE: This grant program is separate from solidarity grants from Week of Compassion. A minister may receive both if they fit the eligibility requirements.

Reserve Chaplain Dues

The purpose of the Reserve Chaplain dues program is to assist ministers whose civilian ministries are interrupted when called to active duty as military chaplains.

Gift Pensions for New Church Planters

The New Church Gift Pension Program partners with new congregations by assisting new church ministers with Pension Plan membership. The program provides a five-year gift to supplement the pension dues paid by a new church start. As the church grows, the amount of the gift steps down each year, while the amount paid by the church increases.

Retiree Support

Ministerial Relief Pensions

The purpose of a Ministerial Relief Pension is to assist a retired minister and surviving spouse who were never afforded the opportunity to participate in the Pension Plan. It provides an ongoing monthly gift if retirement income is low (i.e., less than 200% of poverty level, adjusted for regional cost-of-living).

Supplemental Gifts

The purpose of the Supplemental Gift Program is to assist a Pension Plan member and/or their surviving spouse, who have very low retirement income and where the low retirement is due to low salary and/or late entry into Pension Plan.

13th Check

The purpose of the 13th Check is to provide a year-end gift to beneficiaries with the lowest retirement incomes with a goal of funding a full 13th check.