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We are glad to have you as part of the Excellence in Ministry program. Below you will find links to program resources to help you fulfill the requirements of Excellence in Ministry.

Congregational Webinar Options:

One requirement of EIM is that you participate in at least four courses on topics in Congregational Finance or Administration with at least two lay leaders from your congregation. Then, debrief the seminar with your leaders and consider how to apply its learnings to your setting. After participating in a course, you need to register your participation (and provide feedback) through the “Webinar Participation Form” below.

We provide you two options for these courses:

  • LTS’s "Creating Vital Congregations" series
  • ECFA’s Church Excel webinars

Both are available for free to EIM churches and both allow you to watch their sessions either live or recorded at a later time.

Webinars through LTS’s “Creating Vital Congregations” series:

To access the LTS sessions, visit:

Don’t register online (or you’ll need to pay $10). Instead, email Deena Ainslie ( to express your interest in a particular webinar – and tell her you’re with Pension Fund. She will then send you the direct link for the session a couple of days prior to the live webinar. Follow the same process to watch a recorded webinar and she will send you a free link to the recording.

Webinars through ECFA’s Church Excel Portal:

To access the ECFA Church Excel resources, visit:

You’ll need to first register and create a free log in here.

Other Webinar Options:

You can also ask Matt to attend an alternative session to the webinars. Perhaps your region or nearby seminary is hosting a learning event on congregational finance or administration. This would likely satisfy the requirement, as long as your lay leaders are attending with you.

Webinar Participation Form:

After each webinar (or alternative activity) on Congregational Finance and Leadership, you will need to complete a brief survey that confirms you attendance.

Complete survey here.

Your Money Line:

You have direct access to real financial experts with just the touch of a button. Your Money Line was created to answer specific and direct questions. Through Your Money Line, you also have access to hours of resources on every financial topic imaginable plus calculators and trackers like net worth, creating your own budget, debt payoff chart, and more.

To access Your Money from Pete the Planner, go to

Once you create a login, you’ll also be invited to quarterly financial wellness webinars hosted by Pete.

Save the phone number and email address (on the image below) in your address book – you never know when you’ll need to ask a question!

Other EIM Resources:

Have Questions or Concerns?

Contact Matt Rosine: or 317.713.2718.