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The Path Forward: an Update from Rev. Dr. Todd A. Adams

Dear Members,

Today, we are facing a new reality in our country and a new way of navigating work, worship, and relationships. This afternoon, the Governor of Indiana issued a “Stay at Home” order for our state. As a financial institution, we are considered an essential service and with our staff continuing to work at home, we are still here serving you, our members.

At Pension Fund, we have prepared for this new reality. In October 2019, we implemented a new policy requiring all exempt employees to work remote one day every other week and developed new processes, by which all banking and investment functions would continue, with one part of the team not in the office.

In early March, we began testing our call queue in the office, off our network, and from our laptops. Then, without advanced notice, we decentralized all staff on March 11 to test our systems. On March 12, as a result of a successful test, we announced we would remain decentralized through at least April 3, which has now been extended to May 1. Keeping our staff healthy is paramount to continuing to serve you.

As we move into this unprecedented moment, I want to ask your help and remind you how you can interact with us.

  1. The easiest way to bank with us is through our Member Portal. Here you can check your account balances and initiate your transactions online (withdrawals, deposits and transfers).
  2. We know for many of our members, technology is not an option when it comes to financial transactions. We are still receiving mail for your withdrawal requests and deposits at P.O Box 6251, Indianapolis, IN 46206-6251 or you can submit your request via fax at 317.634.4071. If you have questions, we encourage you to consider e-mailing us at
  3. Pension dues and TDRA contributions should still be mailed to our payment processing center in Detroit: Pension Fund of the Christian Church, Dept 78885, P.O. BOX 78000, Detroit, MI 48278-0885.
  4. Our Member Relations Team is available to serve you by calling 866.495.7322. While our staff always enjoys hearing life updates and remains concerned about you, we do ask that you limit your calls to information related directly to your accounts. If you have Medicare questions, please call UMR using the number on your Medicare Card. Please remember that Pension Fund staff cannot provide tax, investment, or legal advice.
  5. If you have non-securities related financial questions, we encourage you to use Your Money Line. A free, financial concierge service provided by Pension Fund to our members by calling 833.890.4077 or emailing

We have also received questions about contributions to retirement accounts.

If you are in Pension Plan and you or your employer are unable to make contributions from March 2020 to August 2020, we will keep your account active without a reset in your death and disability benefits. Before skipping contributions, employers and employees should both agree to this. For employer dues, we will continue to bill for the dues and accrue them as past due. Employers must complete these contributions no later than December 31, 2020, due to IRS regulations and to avoid the account being considered inactive.

Contributions that are deducted from an employee’s paycheck for Pension Plan Dues or Tax-Deferred Retirement Accounts (TDRA) must be remitted as soon as administratively feasible but no later than 15 days after the month in which the funds were withheld due to IRS regulations.

Again, thank you for trusting us with your retirement. As we move through these unchartered waters, our staff is working hard to serve you and ensure that every Stone-Campbell / Restoration Movement employee has a Strong, Smart, and Secure Retirement.


Rev. Dr. Todd A. Adams
President and CEO