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Supreme Court Upholds Subsidies for Federal Health Exchanges

INDIANAPOLIS (June 30, 2015)- Supreme Court Upholds Subsidies for Federal Health Exchanges

The Supreme Court of the United States upheld on Thursday the subsidies offered through the Federal Exchange,, thereby rejecting a major challenge to the Affordable Care Act in a ruling that preserves health insurance subsidies for millions of Americans. How will this ruling affect the Christian Church Health Care Benefit Trust (CCHCBT)? The answer is not much and we can return our focus to offering excellent healthcare coverage throughout the country.

"The upholding of the subsidies, in reality, is good news for the CCHCBT. This ruling will maintain a level playing field for all health plans in that exchange plans must offer the same benefits as self-insured denomination plans like CCHCBT. While our plan does not qualify for government subsidies, we still enjoy the capability of having premiums paid direct from your church/ministry and pre-tax, if your church/ministry maintains a Section 125 plan, which is an indirect subsidy," said Michael Porter, Director of Health Services of the Pension Fund of the Christian Church.

We invite you to take a look at our health plan designs which are portable, include a wide network of physicians and hospitals through the Blue Card PPO Network, and provide access to a wide range of pharmacies.