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Pension Fund to Add New Faces and Reconfigure Roles in June

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – In a recent announcement to staff, President Todd A. Adams shared that two vacant positions were being reconfigured to streamline work processes, enhance customer service, and place strong leaders in positions of directing the work of others.

Carrie Pitman, CPA, who was employed by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway prior to joining the Pension Fund team in 2015, has been promoted to Senior Vice President and Treasurer where she will lead Pension Fund’s Treasury team. “It will be great to have someone leading this team who knows our accounting system and processes,” stated Adams, adding that “Promoting from within allows us to recognize the excellent work of our team members.” 

“I am humbled and honored to serve with my colleagues at Pension Fund in providing a strong, smart and secure retirement to all our members. Pensions are near and dear to my heart and I look forward to stewarding all of our retirement and ministerial relief funds for many years to come,” stated Ms. Pitman upon accepting her new role. 

Chad Robinson will begin as Pension Fund’s new Senior Vice President of Information Technology (IT) on June 11. During his 13-year tenure at Steak-n-Shake, Robinson oversaw all aspects of IT from vendor management, cyber security, operating systems, credit card processing, phone systems, and custom software, while leading a team of up to 20 employees. “Chad brings a diversity of knowledge in the IT field that will assist Pension Fund as we continue leveraging technology for the benefit of our members,” stated Adams.

“It is an honor to join the Pension Fund, where I can serve the mission by providing innovative and secure technology solutions to deliver the best digital experience for our members,” stated Robinson. Both Ms. Pitman and Mr. Robinson will work in a newly configured staff arrangement, replacing the position of Chief Financial Officer. 

Additionally, the position of Enrollment Specialist is being divided into four part-time positions. Part of Pension Fund’s recent customer service challenge has been keeping current on the volume of enrollments that our Area Directors are producing.

“This is a good problem to have—we have more people wanting to enroll in our products than we have capacity to process,” shared Adams. “To meet this challenge, we have split one full-time position into four part-time positions, which has doubled our enrollment capacity, without increasing staffing costs. The additional capacity will help the staff meet our definition of a 5-Star Customer Experience.”

Julie Donovan (Carmel, Ind.), Kris Fronek (Carmel, Ind.), Annie Hall (Colorado Springs, Colo.), and Jennifer Schooley (Arlington, Texas) will join Pension Fund on June 11, as part-time Enrollment Specialists. The Enrollment Specialists will assist us with maintaining timely enrollment processes to get our new members onboarded quickly. Each Enrollment Specialist will assist two Area Directors in managing the flow of enrollment paperwork, ensuring the timely onboarding of new members and opening of new accounts.

As previously announced, Sharon Coleman will join the staff as Senior Vice President of Operations and Corporate Secretary. Coleman begins her service on June 15, 2018 following 21 years in the Office of the General Minister and President.