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Notice: Pension Fund to Reinstate Select Service Fees

Effective Jan. 1, 2016, Pension Fund will resume charging fees for the following services as noted:

  • Multiple withdrawals-BAA accounts with more than two withdrawals in a calendar month
  1. Multiple withdrawal fee (3rd withdrawal in a calendar month): $20.00
  • Wire or special handling-Wiring funds or overnight delivery of a check or other
    (NOTE: There is no fee for funds sent via ACH):
  1. Domestic wire: $35.00 (or equivalent to bank fee)
  2. International wire fee: $50.00
  3. Special handling fee: Varies (please inquire)
  • Non-sufficient funds-Checks returned to Pension Fund due to insufficient funds
  1. Non-sufficient funds fee: $35.00 (or equivalent to bank fee)
  • Research fee-Researching account activity occurring more than 24 months past or that requires more than four hours work by experienced Pension Fund staff
  1. Research fee----$100 per hour (estimate to be provided prior to research)

These fees were reinstated to offset or recover costs Pension Fund incurs to provide these services. If you have further questions on these fees, please contact Pension Fund at 866.495.PFCC866.495.PFCC (7322) or via Skype

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