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Member Resources for 2019 Tax Forms

Over the next several weeks, members will begin receiving 1099s for the 2019 tax year as well as other important tax documents. Below are some important notes on the forms we will be sending out in the coming days to help you understand and prepare your taxes. In addition, for clergy, Pension Fund offers a helpful Minsters’ Tax Guide on our website (click here).

1099 Forms will be postmarked by Jan. 31, 2020:

  • Benefit Accumulation Account (BAA) holders will receive Form 1099-INT.
  • IRA and/or Tax-Deferred Retirement Account (TDRA) holders who took a distribution in 2019 will receive Form 1099-R.
  • Pension recipients will receive Form 1099-R.

Housing Allowance (for members who are retired clergy or clergy receiving disability payments):

  • Box 1 will indicate your full distribution.
  • Box 2 will be blank.
  • Box 2b “Taxable Amount Not Determined” will be checked. This is required for you to reconcile your 2018 Housing Allowance.

Housing confirmation letters were sent right after you claimed your housing allowance for 2019. If you have misplaced or need an additional copy, please contact our Member Relations team.

Members who made Charitable Contributions:

  • Donation receipts from Pension Fund will be postmarked by Jan. 31, 2020.
  • Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your contributions.

Members who made a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from a Traditional IRA:

  • You will receive Form 1099-R for the full distribution.
  • You must claim your QCD on your Form 1040.
  • Please consult your tax advisor regarding this process.

Members who rolled funds from a TDRA to an IRA:

  • You will receive Form 1099-R for the entire amount rolled from a TDRA to an IRA.
  • Please consult your tax advisor regarding proper filing to ensure you do not pay income tax on the rollover.

Members receiving a Puerto Rican pension:

  • Form 480.7C will be post marked by Feb. 28, 2020.

Members who have their Medicare Supplement through the Christian Church Health Care Benefit Trust (CCHCBT):

  • Letters verifying the total annual premium deducted from your Pension Fund Pension account and paid to CCHCBT will be mailed in February.

Members who are planning to withdraw funds from a TDRA, IRA, or BAA to pay their 2019 tax bill:

  • To guarantee a deposit in your account by April 15, please submit the required withdrawal form(s) no later than 12 p.m. EST on April 10.
  • If that deadline is missed, the only way to guarantee funds by April 15 is via wire, which is accompanied by an additional transfer fee.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal forms can be found on our website at

Pension Fund’s Member Relations team is available to answer questions regarding forms or other tax reporting documents by phone at 866.495.7322 or e-mail at Please remember that we are not able to provide tax or legal advice. If you have questions about qualified deductions or filing, please consult a tax professional.