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Do I Need a Form 1095-B to File My Taxes?

The short answer: It's okay to file your taxes before receiving your 1095-B.  There may be questions on your tax form asking if you had health insurance coverage for each month of 2015. You can answer based on your own knowledge, or look at your records (such as your Christian Church Health Care Benefit Trust Invoices, insurance cards or explanation of benefits).

The 1095-B Form will report which months individuals in a household had health insurance coverage. While the coverage status of the household must be reported on a tax return, most filers will already know this information and therefore not need to refer to a 1095-B. This form is for your reference only (and proves health care coverage for tax purposes). 

Churchwide Healthcare members will receive their 1095-B copy sometime in late February. When you do receive your 1095-B Form, store it with the rest of your 2015 tax documents.