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Board Approves Expansion of Ministerial Relief & Assistance at Final Meeting of 2018

Indianapolis, Indiana (November 19, 2018) - The Board of Directors of Pension Fund of the Christian Church met November 14-16, 2018 in St. Augustine, Florida, making significant decisions for the benefit of our current and future members. Rev. Eugene Fisher opened our meeting with the poem by Dr. Benjamin E. Mays:  "Just A Minute," as a reminder of the eternity in our minutes together, as we focus on our mission. The board recognized Rev. Dr. Bill Lee for his service as Chair.

Rev. Dr. Todd A. Adams, Pension Fund's President / CEO, presented the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan includes the expansion of Ministerial Relief and Assistance, the exploration of two new products, and the next phases of technology upgrades based on employer and member feedback.

The four committees of the board completed important work to continue our legacy of providing members with a strong, smart, secure retirement. Among the committee highlights were meeting with our external auditors, Grant Thornton, electing new and continuing board members, and approving the 2019 budgets. 

Board members in the class of 2021 include the re-election of Rev. Jabari Butler (Georgia), Rev. James Johnson (Florida), Cam Lindsey (Texas), and Josh Santana (Kentucky) and new members Rev. Sydney Avent, Esq. (New York) and Chad Turner (Kentucky). Additionally, the Governance Committee completed the President's annual evaluation.

In light of returns and current market conditions, the board voted not to award a second Good Experience Credit (GEC) in 2018. The board discussed the previous 2018 GECs: TDRA 10.5%, BAA 9%, and IRAs 5.5%. The 2019 Special Apportionment Credit (SAC) will be considered at the April 2019 board meeting in Dallas, Texas.