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Jim and Yvonne Prichard

Colorado Springs, CO

“Living in Oklahoma for 40 years and now in Colorado for 12 years, we’ve noted many small congregations with pastors who have served faithfully for many years. In some congregations, we’ve known missionaries who have returned from the mission field. These pastors and missionaries have served at low salaries and were not able to build up their retirement accounts sufficiently enough to have a comfortable retirement.

For this reason, we feel it’s been important for us to contribute to the Ministerial Relief & Assistance fund and the Heartbeats of Faith fund to assist these saints of the Church with a dignified retirement. These endowments provide annual income that will live on in perpetuity.

It’s important for those of us who have been blessed with more than adequate resources to help those who need a hand up. Of course, contributions to the Ministerial Relief Fund also provide the same relief as the Ministerial Relief Endowment. Both are most worthy of our support.”