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Gene and Bonnie Frazier

Kansas City, MO

Why We Give to Ministerial Relief and Assistance

"Members of the Disciples of Christ care for each other in many ways through the various manifestations of our church. One of these vital and important avenues is Ministerial Relief and Assistance through the Pension Fund.  We are blessed and thankful for our monthly income from the Pension Fund and thank God that local churches and regional ministries contributed to our retirement. Realizing that there are ministers who have not been so fortunate, we are concerned about their welfare and health in their mature years. Benefiting from the Ministerial Relief and Assistance Fund allows them to have more security, better health and understanding that others care.

Because of our love and concern for many ministries of the Christian Church to continue in the future, we have created a trust which includes the Ministerial Relief and Assistance Fund. Receiving the annual disbursement from our tax deferred annuities is a yearly reminder to remember how important it is to express our love and care for others."