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Hear from our donors about why they give to Ministerial Relief and Assistance programs.

Without the gifts of our many donors, the over $1 million we give each year wouldn’t be possible. Learn more about our donors and why they give.

Gene and Bonnie Frazier

Kansas City, MO

Gene and Bonnie Frazier were so blessed with their retirement income they created a trust, which includes Pension Fund's Ministerial Relief and Assistance fund (a fund that cares for less fortunate ministers).

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Jim and Yvonne Prichard

Colorado Springs, CO

Jim and Yvonne Prichard give to the Ministerial Relief and Assistance and Heartbeats of Faith funds to support pastors and ministers who served on low salaries and could not afford a dignified retirement.

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Loraine Pitman

Indianapolis, IN

Rev. Loraine Pitman has been a long-time Pension Fund member and donor, but Pension Fund's 13th Check fund, which provides additional assistance to ministers in need, holds a special place in her heart. That's because her mother-in-law, Effie Pitman, was once a 13th Check recipient.

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