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Pension Fund Payment Processing Address Change


Effective March 1, 2014, our bank vendor has chosen to move Pension Fund's lockbox processing center (where all payments are received and processed) from Indianapolis to Detroit. Please update the new lockbox address in your records and bill payment systems, and destroy any invoice envelopes with the old address. Mailings to the old lockbox address will be forwarded for only a short period of time.

Pension payments:

Pension Fund of the Christian Church
Dept 78885
P.O. BOX 78000
Detroit, MI 48278-0885

Health care payments:

Christian Church Health Care Benefit Trust
Dept 78856
P.O. BOX 78000
Detroit, MI 48278-0856

Lockbox Address Change: Q&A


Why would Pension Fund change where payments are being mailed? Our bank vendor, Chase, has decided to close the lockbox processing center in Indianapolis and move it to Detroit.

Why would Pension Fund make this change now, considering all the other change you're going through?   While the lockbox address change happens to be occurring at the same time as many other organization changes, this particular change is due to our bank vendor's decision to close the lockbox processing center in Indianapolis and move it to Detroit.

Will mailing payments to a Michigan address result in a delay in payments getting posted to my account? No. The processing center in Michigan has the same response time as the processing center in Indianapolis.

Will there be a change in processing if I pay electronically via ACH or wire transfer? No. The process for paying your contribution through ACH or wire transfer is not affected by this change.

Do I need to change the address in my bill payment system to direct payments to the new address? Yes. You must update the address to direct payments to the new address before you submit your next payment. Please include your remitter number when asked for an account number.

Can I mail my payments directly to your office? No. You'll need to send your payment to the lockbox address on your invoice. Sending it directly to the Pension Fund office will cause a delay in posting the payment to your account.