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A Message from Our President, Rev. Dr. Todd A. Adams

Dear Members,

As I shared several days ago, there are no new stories, some of us are just experiencing them for the first time. Previous generations of leaders have dealt with new viruses, difficult market conditions, and uncertainty.

One of my chief responsibilities as President and CEO of Pension Fund, is to mitigate risks for the organization that would prevent us from serving you, our members. Sometimes, risks have mitigating practices in place, such as our investment policy that guides our investment approach and how we handle volatility. And sometimes, we must proactively respond to the challenges that are before us.

After two days of testing our processes, our senior leadership team has decided to continue to have our staff work deployed through at least March 20. We recognize that our employees will still be engaged in the community – church, school events, the grocery store, and other places. We are also aware that if one employee became infected, they could infect our entire staff, thereby limiting our ability to serve you.

Our goal is that you do not experience any service disruptions. We do ask your patience, as the phone does need to ring one or two additional times to transfer to the computer phones and transferring calls internally takes a few extra steps. Banking continues as normal. We are still processing the mail daily. Faxes are routed electronically to our staff. Our call center continues to manage the call queue. Voicemails are sent to emails and cell phones. We are fully operational!

I also want to reassure you about our funding status. While these are challenging times, these are times for which we are built. Markets are forward looking and do not like uncertainty. As an institutional investor, it is important that we maintain our long-term investment view. We ended 2019, well-funded and today, we remain well-funded.

If you are anxious about investments you hold at other institutions, our team of Area Directors are available to discuss rollover opportunities for you and your spouse. As always, if you have questions, please reach out to me and our staff is available at or 866-495-7322.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and provide you with a Strong, Smart, and Secure retirement.

Rev. Dr. Todd A. Adams
President / CEO