Pension Plan

Pension PlansNever worry about outliving your money.

Pension Fund began offering our Pension Plan in 1931, predating the U.S. Social Security program. The Pension Plan is a Defined Benefit Plan providing lifetime monthly retirement benefits for ministers and lay employees of congregations, ministries and related organizations of the Stone-Campbell Tradition. 

How To Apply

The Pension Plan provides retirement, disability and death benefits to eligible members.

The Pension Plan is well-funded,
with additional funds held in reserve to protect against economic downturns. In fact, when investment gains allow, the Pension Fund Board of Directors may grant Special Apportionments, which increase pension credits prior to retirement, as well as pensions of retirees and surviving spouses. These distributions can have a significant benefit on a person's retirement savings. The increase in pension and pension credits over the past 10 years have, on average, outpaced inflation, as reflected in the Consumer Price Index.

The earlier you begin contributing to the Pension Plan (or other retirement tools) the greater your chances for enjoying financial security and freedom later in life.

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