Benefit Accumulation Account

No matter your goals, Pension Fund’s Benefit Accumulation Account (BAA) will help get you there quicker.

The Benefit Accumulation Account (BAA) allows you to proactively save (and earn interest) for all kinds of life expenses such as:

  • Emergency fund
  • Health care costs
  • Housing expenses
  • Car down payment
  • Education expenses
  • Travel costs

We encourage you to shop around and compare our BAA with other existing savings opportunities. We’re confident you’ll discover that this unique program offers a competitive return to help you meet your savings goals from now through retirement.

How To Apply

Pension Fund understands saving for big life expenses is important, and we want to provide a better way to save.

With a BAA, you can save for the expected—or unexpected—and withdraw your funds at any time without penalty. From saving for college, to retirement (and everything in-between), we have you covered.

Pension Fund’s BAA offer a competitive interest rate, with the potential for additional interest earnings (Good Experience Credits). Our BAA offers a competitive, guaranteed interest rate that won’t fall below 1% and can earn up to 6%, so you can trust your savings will continue to grow. On top of this, BAA accounts are eligible for additional interest earnings through Good Experience Credits.

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