Our Commitment

Pension Fund is here in some of your greatest times of need.

Strong. Smart. Secure. Our mission is to serve those who serve, both spiritually and financially.

Pension Fund serves the Christian Church by supporting clergy, missionaries and lay employees of the Christian Church and related Campbell-Stone heritage. We only exist to serve our members, not Wall Street. Because of our prudent management, our Pension Plan is one of the most well-funded and serviced pension and retirement savings programs in existence.

We have something for everyone who is eligible - from the Pension Plan to the Roth IRA. Through our work, we are able to minister to others during their greatest time of need. For example, Ministerial Relief and Assistance programs provide financial support to clergy and/or their families in times of need, often the death or disability of the Pension Fund participant. In 2013 alone, Pension Fund distributed over $1.7 million through Ministerial Relief and Assistance programs to Pension Plan participants, their spouses and/or their dependents.

In good and bad times, Pension Fund serves our members faithfully. In the history of the Pension Plan, we have never missed a pension payment

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