Our Board

Leadership from across the United States.

Our board is comprised of church leadership from throughout the United States. Both our board and staff are keenly aware of their fiduciary responsibilities to the church and those served. Pension Fund fulfills these responsibilities with compassion, wisdom and prudence. Consistent with practice required by public corporations, our board adheres to practices intended to provide oversight and accountability.

Pension Fund Board

Top Row (Left to Right)
Kelly Bauer - Wichita, Kansas - Banker
Peggy Brittan - Spring, Texas - Retired Executive
Laura Reed Gelarden (Chair) - Indianapolis, Indiana - Attorney
Charlene Butz - Windsor Heights, Iowa - Actuary
Antonio Rodriguez (Vice-Chair)-  Pembroke Pines, Florida - Insurance and Investments

Bottom Row (Left to Right):
Camilla Lindsey- Parker, Texas - Banker
Janet Long - Elyria, Ohio - Minister 
James P. Johnson - Indianapolis, Indiana - Minister
Preston T. Adams - Indianapolis, Indiana - Minister
Joshua Santana - Lexington, Kentucky - Attorney

Not Pictured:
Thaddaeus Allen - Parkersburg, West Virgina - Regional Minister
Brenda Cline - Fort Worth, Texas - VP and CFO
William Lee - Roanoke, Virginia - Minister
Deborah D. Lewis - Blue Ridge,  Georgia - Investments
Robert Robuck - Jefferson City, Missouri - Accountant

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