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We enjoy hearing from Pension Fund members. Many write to us to share their stories. Others share how Pension Fund has impacted their lives when we're visiting with them. However we receive the feedback, we enjoy it! Read on to hear just a few of the stories from Pension Fund members.

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Edmond, OK
Rev. Micah James, CCA, recently founded an educational ministry (AdminIsMinistry) to better equip churches in administration. An active Pension Fund participant, James advocates for retirement and health benefits for those in ministry.

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micah 1
Decatur, IL
When Michael Karunas became a member of Pension Fund, he had been married for five years. Getting started on retirement planning was the last thing on his mind, but wise church leaders and mentors enrolled him in the Pension Plan.

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Michael Karunas Running
Sarasota, FL
A servant to the Stone-Campbell movement, from his early roots to becoming General Minister and President (and beyond), Dr. John Humbert hasn't let retirement stop him from continuing his ministry.

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John Humbert
Indianapolis, IN
Now in her early 100s (yes, we said 100s!), Fern McLean has enjoyed Pension Fund benefits for more than half her life. Fern's husband joined Pension Fund in 1941, preceding an untimely death.

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Newport, KY
Rosie Santos was just a child when her father passed away in 2002. But even in death, Rosie's father continued to provide for his family through Pension Plan benefits.

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RosieSantos cropped
Raleigh, NC
It was necessity during a war crisis that led Judy Banks' parents to ministry. The daughter of Thomas and Katharyn Youngblood reflects on how Pension Fund impacted the life and ministry of the Youngblood family.

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Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
In our Q&A, Rev. Dr. Katie Hays tells us more about her rocky start in ministry, how ministers can maintain hope, and why there’s still room for growth among woman pastors and church leaders.

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SALT 107
Phoenix, AZ
Pension Fund member Rev. Silvia Tiznado of the Mayo Clinic shares how her raw food diet spurred a spiritual awakening, and how spiritual leaders can be good stewards of their bodies.

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Sylvia1 lowres
Beech Grove, IN
Approaching 50 years old, Paul Hartig felt a calling to do something different with his life: Hartig returned to school to become a minister with the support of Pension Fund's student gift grant.

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IMG 3967
Kent, WA
Marvin Eckfeldt shares how his retirement savings through Pension Fund allowed him a better retirement and ways to serve his community.

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Marvin Eckfeldt
Topeka, KS
When Linda Kemp retired in 2005, she knew she didn't need to worry about her income because she wouldn't be dependent on Social Security. Despite ministering to small churches, Linda and her husband retired comfortably with Pension Fund benefits.

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Linda Kemp
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