Q: My parents are unable to handle their own financial affairs. How can I assist them with their Pension Fund accounts?
A: We cannot provide financial or personal information to anyone other than the member. To share information with someone other than the member, we must have a copy of the power of attorney document. The...
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Member Benefits

As a Pension Fund member, you have over 100 years of experience behind you.

We have worked with members and their families to plan for the future, and we've worked with members' families in times of financial hardship or facing the death of a loved one.

As an employee of a Disciples of Christ or Stone-Campbell heritage church or an affiliated ministry or organization,  participation in the Pension Fund provides you with many long-term benefits.

We are consistently one of the most well-funded pension and retirement savings programs in existence. This is especially significant given the economic downturn in 2008 and continued economic volatility. We work hard to give our members financial peace of mind.

Decisions are made with members' interests at heart - not Wall Street's. Our nearly 13,000 members and over 2,500 employers seem to agree. A recent survey showed that our long-time members are very satisfied with Pension Fund.

Member Benefits
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