"I have been very pleased with how my TDRA investments at Pension Fund have been managed."
Nancy Oliver

Employer Benefits

Employer BenefitsBenefit programs that make sense for you and your employees.

To get you started on the road to providing Pension Fund programs to your employees, Pension Fund staff will meet with you to discuss the options available. Pension Fund offers a variety of employer programs and services to meet the needs of your employees and their families at all income levels and life stages.

Some of our programs include participation requirements, such as our Defined Benefit Product, the Pension Plan. For example, for the Pension Plan, 14% of a person's salary is assessed (dues) to a participating church.

After completing paperwork, we would determine participation eligibility. If your church is eligible to participate, Pension Fund professionals would host a meeting with your staff to explain the new benefit offerings, answer any general questions they might have, and provide any paperwork necessary for enrollment. As needed, we would partner with your staff to complete paperwork.

Assuming our staff determines an employee is eligible to participate, we will send a Benefits Booklet to him or her that explains the product in more detail, his or her benefits account number, who to contact with questions, and more.

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